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Who we are

The Asociación Orff España is a non-profit organization for teachers of music, movement and dance, interested in the pedagogical ideas of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman.

The Association, founded in 1996, is a national organization with over 300 members. 


What we do

Our main activity is to provide in-service training for teachers of all levels – from pre-school to tertiary - and artistic disciplines (music, dance, art), mainly in Madrid and Barcelona but also in other regions of Spain. There are seven weekend courses during the academic year plus three international summer courses in July.

Teaching language in all courses is Spanish. 


Members receive information about courses and congresses organized by the Orff Institute and the International Orff Schulwerk Forum in Salzburg/Austria as well as Orff Schulwerk Associations in other countries. 



Associates receive one issue of our magazine “Orff España” each year, as well as information about relevant publications.


Orff Schulwerk

Orff Schulwerk is frequently defined as an approach to music, a way of thinking and of using music as a medium of communication. Participants are invited to discover music and dance actively through the exploration of its primary elements.

The Schulwerk is a way of teaching and learning music based on the natural interests of the individual – singing, reciting, dancing and playing instruments – thus developing expressive capacities and perceptive skills. The combination of music, movement and speech - the three fundamental pillars of this form of teaching – enriches the experience of learning. It is precisely their combination that helps to acquire a deeper knowledge and experience of music.

This holistic approach enables inclusive music making and dance in which participants learn at their own level. The Orff Schulwerk is used in a variety of educational and community settings with all ages.

The integration of different forms of artistic expression – music, dance, literature, Visual Arts – leads to a more profound appreciation, developing an aesthetic, artistic and social sensitivity, thus creating an emotional bond with the arts which can accompany us all our life.

Board of directors

President: Carmen Domínguez Rodríguez

Vice-president: Raquel Pastor Prada

Secretary: Marta Santillán Celada

Treasurer: Alba Idoia Erviti

Advisors: Isabel Ortega Oyarzábal y Pedro Álvarez Sánchez


Carl Orff at the piano (1938)

Photo: Otto Moll

Carl Orff Foundation / Archive: Orff-Zentrum München

Gunild Keetman playing tenor recorder (1936)

Photo: Wolf Strache

Carl Orff Foundation / Archive: Orff-Zentrum München

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